Agnieszka Żółtowska-Kisielnicka

Quant & Data visualization

Over 20 years’ experience in market research. She has studied Management and Economic Psychology. She has run several hundreds of B2C and B2B research projects, working for local and international clients from numerous industries, both FMCG and services. Most experienced in U&A studies, concept and product tests as well as brand equity tests. Also specialising in data visualization.

In Difference responsible for quantitative studies, for the entire research process, from study design and sales, via fieldwork up to reporting. Moreover, she supervises the process of research findings visualization, so that deliverables come in a form meeting Clients’ needs, they are presented in an efficient form appealing to Clients.

Tel: +48 693 357 023  E-mail: agnieszka.zoltowska@makeadifference.com.pl