Agnieszka Wyczółkowska-Baranowska

Qualitative Research & Service Design

A psychologist with more than a dozen of years of experience in qualitative research.
Agnieszka is responsible for qualitative research as well as service design, where she helps clients to design attractive services.

She has conducted a few hundred B2C and B2B research projects using a whole range of methods (FGI/IDI, web research, eye-tracking, ethnography, in-store, co-creation workshops etc.). She worked for local and international clients from many industries, including FMCG, automotive, telecoms and finance. Before getting involved in research, Agnieszka worked as a child therapist, which taught her to listen and to read people’s emotions, an ability she successfully applies in market research.

As a hobby, she keeps an eye on trends, taking part in conferences on design.


Tel: +48 501 337 656, E-mail: agnieszka.wyczolkowska@makeadifference.com.pl